About ECSO

The European Council of Skeptical Organisations (ECSO) is an umbrella of skeptical organisations in Europe. Founded on 25 September 1994, the ECSO aims to co-ordinate activities of European organisations and individuals that aim at critically investigating pseudoscientific statements and claims regarding observations of paranormal phenomena, and to make the results of its investigations known to the broad public. It means to continue the series of European skeptical congresses that preceded its foundation and supports a biennial congress and a symposium every other year.

The Charter of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations states that it strives:

  1. To protect the public from the promulgation of claims and therapies which have not been subjected to critical testing and thus might pose a danger to them.
  2. To investigate by means of controlled tests and experiments such extraordinary claims which are on the fringe of or contradict current scientific knowledge. In particular this applies to phenomena commonly identified as “paranormal” or “pseudoscientific”. However no claims, explanations or theories will be rejected in advance of objective evaluation.
  3. To promote public policy based on good practice in science and medicine.

The Charter was signed by Amardeo Sarma (GWUP), Michael Howgate (UK Skeptics), Miguel Angel Sabadell (ARP), Paul Kurtz (CSICOP), Tim Trachet (SKEPP), Arlette Fougnies (Comité Para) and Cornelis de Jager (Stichting Skepsis).

Board of Directors

Cornelis de Jager served as first chairman until 2001, when he was replaced by Amardeo Sarma (2001–2013). Since August 2013, the ECSO board is composed as follows:

  • Gábor Hraskó (SzT) – Chairman
  • Tim Trachet (SKEPP) – Vice-Chairman
  • Amardeo Sarma (GWUP) – Treasurer
  • Catherine de Jong (VtdK) – Member
  • TBA (CICAP) – Member