European Events

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September 2017

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  • GLASGOW: Science Lates: Into Orbit
  • THE HAGUE: Meetup in The Hague
  • GLASGOW: Glasgow Skeptics visit Café Sci: Cosmic Forensic Science
  • CAMDEN (London): God is asleep – myths and legends of Transylvania, Will Hunter
  • NOTTINGHAM: Why do we seek partners?, Maria Kontogianni
  • ALICANTE: V curso la Ciencia toma la Palabra: los Problemas Sociales de las Pseudociencias en la Era de la Información
  • GÖTEBORG: Månskenspub
  • GREENWICH: Methods from madness: Magic, ghosts, and the origins of experimental psychology, Matt Tompkins
  • OXFORD: The Empire Strikes Back: Telling Different Stories about Britain's Past, Charlotte Lydia Riley
  • HIGH WYCOMBE: Skeptics in the Pub - Social
  • LIVERPOOL: Merseyside Skeptics Board Meeting
  • TEESIDE: Positive Money, TBC
  • BARNSLEY: Why Doctors Knock You Out, Dr Rajin Chowdhury
  • LIVERPOOL: Skeptics in the Pub Social
  • CAMBRIDGE: A Pint of Magic
  • COPENHAGEN: Bo Netterstrøm: Er stress farligt?
  • AMSTERDAM: Skeptics in the Pub
  • GRONINGEN: Gezond eten en voedselhypes
  • GLASGOW: Glasgow Skeptics & BSA Glasgow Pub Quiz
  • SOFIA: Skeptics in the pub
  • GUILFORD: Where do our morals come from? - Oliver Scott Curry
  • BRIGHTON: Genetically Modified ~vs~ Organic Food Production
  • BIRMINGHAM: Exploring the molecular signature of meditation and yoga, Ivana Buric
  • BOURNEMOUTH: I'd Like To Be Immortal But..., Richard Aspinall
  • NEWCASTLE: Diluting NHS homeopathy until it’s just a memory, Michael Marshall
  • PORTSMOUTH: Epigenetics & lifestyle - How our choices affect our genes, Maia Elliot
  • MANCHESTER: September Social
  • WORTHING: Can we really stop climate change?, Ed Atkinson
  • OSLO: Susan Gerbic/Mark Edward - About Time Tour 2017
  • SOFIA: Skeptics in the Pub: Заблудите в козметиката
  • READING: Sunday Assembly Reading - Death
  • STOCKHOLM: About Time Tour - Susan Gerbic and Mark Edward
  • GRANADA: Curso de verano: 'El hecho evolutivo y la teoría que lo explica. Una teoría multidisciplinar'
  • COPENHAGEN: Susan Gerbic og Mark Edward! Prominent skeptisk besøg i CSitP
  • GLASGOW: PubhD: A Trio of Talks
  • MALMÖ: About time tour 2017: Susan Gerbic and Mark Edward
  • LEICESTER: Effective Altruism: Giving with reason, Richard Clarke
  • PRAGUE: Leon Korteweg - Skepticism & Veganism
  • UPPSALA: Genvägen till släkten? DNA-testa dig!
  • ESSEX: The Wow and Woo of Quantum Physics - Prof. Philip Moriaty
  • CHELTENHAM: Skeptical Social: Festival of the Spoken Nerd Trip, Festival of the Spoken Nerd
  • HIGH WYCOMBE: Wycombe Skeptics Open Mic Night
  • 17th European Skeptics Congress
  • WROCLAW: Pre-Congress Skeptics in the Pub Wroclaw
  • BARLSEY: Barnsley SitP AGM
  • BEDFORD: Smashing Physics, Prof. Jon Butterworth
  • LIVERPOOL: Tamasin Cave: Does Lobbying Distort Our Democracy?
  • EDINBURGH: Michael Dougan-Brexit: Where have we got to & Where are we going
  • LEIRA: Cépticos com Vox: Cepticismo científico – O que é isso?
  • PARMA: Presentazione: "200 anni di omeopatia.Storia di un equivoco"
  • BRUXELLES: Pour en finir avec les mythes de l'histoire, Michel Leurquin
  • GÖTTINGEN: About Time Tour 2017 - Skeptic Networking Across Europe
  • GLASGOW: Asexuality: Thinking Critically about Sexuality - Sam Lawton
  • SHEFFIELD: Cancer Cures - Are we Nearly There Yet?, Alice Howarth
  • CAMBRIDGE: A Former RE Teacher's Guide To Non-Belief, Kevin Precious
  • CHELTENHAM: Can Digital Forgeries Change Our Memory?, Dr Kimberley Wade
  • BRISTOL: Ian Ridpath: UFOs – Fact or Fantasy?
  • ZÜRICH: About Time Tour: Skeptical Networking Around Europe
  • WINCHESTER: Carmen D’Cruz - How to get more people interested in science
  • EDINBURGH: SciScreen & Skeptics Cinema presents: Capricorn One
  • LIVERPOOL: Chris Coltrane - Make love and smash Fascism!
  • MANCHESTER: Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos
  • BRIGHTON: Radicals, Jamie Bartlett
  • YORK: Are conspiracy theories harmless fun?, Dr Daniel Jolley
  • CESENA: Inganni, falsi e magie!
  • CESENA: Cicap-fest 2017
  • GLASGOW: Explorathon Glasgow: The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets
  • MADRID: ARP-SAPC: 30 años de historia - Alfonso López Borgoñoz