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The Skeptics Society GWUP (Gesellschaft zur wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften e.V.) was founded in October 1987. As of February 2012, GWUP has more than 1200 members and an additional 2200 subscribers to its magazine Skeptiker, which it publishes on a quarterly basis. GWUP members are not only from Germany, but also from Austria and Switzerland. GWUP is not a national organisation, but rather an international, German-speaking skeptics organisation open to members from all over the workd. GWUP is a non-profit organisation registered in Darmstadt, Germany, that has been granted tax-free status.


The major GWUP publication is its quarterly magazine Skeptiker, which is now into its 23rd year. The editor-in-chief is Inge Hüsgen and the editor of the lighter Skeptiker-Magazin is Bernd Harder.


Since 2008, GWUP also has its own blog in addition to its official web page. The main author of the blog is Bernd Harder with Inge Hüsgen, Stefan Kirsch and Amardeo Sarma contributing from time to time.


GWUP holds an annual GWUP Conferences in varying locations. The next will be held in Cologne, Germany, in May 2013.

Regional Groups

GWUP has a number of regional groups, such as in the Essen area (Rhein-Ruhr), Cologne, who are hosting the next conference, Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt. They usually organise local and regional events and meetings. A full list and how to contact them is available on the GWUP web site. These groups are autonomous, thought affiliated to GWUP, and thus do not speak on behalf of GWUP. Nor does GWUP speak on their behalf.


The Board of GWUP is elected by its members every two years. The Chair of GWUP is Amardeo Sarma, who is also the Chairman of ECSO. The Vice-Chairs are Rouven Schäfer and Dr. Jochen Bergmann.


GWUP has its own office in Rossdorf near Darmstadt. Located in the office is also the German Center for Inquiry (Zentrum für Wissenschaft und kritisches Denken) led by Dr. Martin Mahner. In contrast to other similar centers, the German Center for Inquiry is specialised to deal with issues of science related to matters skeptics deal with, such as fringe science claims. The full GWUP address is:

Arheilger Weg 11
64380 Rossdorf
Telephone: +49 6154 695021

Press representatives please use this form.

Note: Those wishing to contact humanist and secular organisations in Germany will find a useful list here.


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