Gábor Kemenesi

Gábor KemenesiGábor Kemenesi is a virologist and research fellow at the Virological Research Group within the Szentágothai Research Centre of the University of Pécs in Hungary. He’s an expert on zoonoses, viral diseases that spread from animals to humans. He’s been a member of Hungary’s COVID-19 Task Force for the research of the virus and over the course of the pandemic, he became the number one go-to expert in virology for Hungarian media, trying hard to educate the public, debunk myths and clear misunderstandings along the way. He published his first book in 2021 bearing the title ‘Hunting for viruses – the story of SARS-CoV-2’.


The strange relationship of humanity and pandemics in the 21st century

By the 21th century, the level of globalization of humankind had reached a scale that completely reshaped the landscape of outbreaks. At the same time, many similarities can be discovered with the epidemics experienced during our history. Along these thoughts, we review the current situation and what awaits us in the near future.

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