Recommended skeptic resources

Skeptical information sources from all over Europe:

Videos about ECSO events all around Europe


  • The European Skeptics Podcast (theESP): an independent, weekly show supporting European-level actions within the skeptical movement. [Site]
  • Be Reasonable: a monthly Merseyside Skeptics Society podcast, wherein proponents of extraordinary claims are interviewed, and their methods of inquiry and conclusions questioned. [Site]
  • Hoaxilla: an independent podcast from Hamburg that deals with urban legends, media, culture and science from the perspective of the skeptical movement, without taking itself too seriously. [Site]
  • InKredulous: a satirical, skeptical comedy podcast of the Merseyside Skeptics Society featuring a panel discussion in the form of a game.[Site]
  • Kritisch Denken (KD): an independent weekly show produced by Russells Theepot, a team that seeks to promote skepticism and critical thinking in the Dutch language in the Netherlands and Belgium. [Site]
  • Saltklypa: a Norwegian podcast that focuses on skeptical themes and consists of a small band of skeptical nerds doing their best to sift through pseudoscience in Norway and the world on a weekly basis. [Site]
  • Scepticisme Scientifique: an independent French-speaking Belgian podcast about science and reason. [Site]
  • Skeptics with a K: the official podcast of the Merseyside Skeptics Society for science, reason and critical thinking on Merseyside, around the UK and internationally. [Site]
  • Skepticule: also known as The Thee Pauls Podcast, a British podcast by Paul S. J., Paul O. and Paul T. about skepticism, especially religion.[Site]
  • The Pod Delusion, by James O’MalleyOckham 2013, 2014.  [Site]
  • VoFcast: a Swedish skeptical podcast that features interviews with scientists and skeptics. [Site]


  • Aardvarchaeology, by Martin Rundkvist (VoF), about archaeology, history, skepticism, books and music.
  •, by KenFM, about racist and conspiracy theories.
  •, The Golden Tin Foil Hats are awarded annually to the greatest purveyors of conspiracy theories in Germany.
  •, by the GWUP, the most complete German language blog about skeptical topics.
  • Bruno van de Casteele, Philosopher, IT’er, Allround Armchair Skeptic, History Enthusiast.
  •, by Edzard Ernst, about alternative medicine.
  •, by Hayley H. Stevens, paranormal investigator. Ockham 2015.
  •, by Deborah Hyde, everything about cryptozoology, from vampires to fairies, from witches to werewolves.
  •, produced by Russells Theepot, which primarily hosts the identically named podcast (see above), and has additional articles on pseudoscience, logical fallacies, and videos with Dutch subtitles.
  • Vereniging tegen de Kwakzalverij was founded in 1881 with the aim of combatting quackery. VtdK is the oldest skeptical organization in the world.
  • (‘Is That Right?’), associated with Stichting Skepsis, for quick and short responses to new claims, stories and videos that go viral.
  •, On Science, Bad Science, Pseudoscience and Other Stuff. Special focus on mathematics and the exact sciences.
  •, by Andy Lewis, experiments and thoughts on quackery, health beliefs and pseudoscience. Ockham 2013.
  •, French translations of articles about skepticism.
  • Skepsis Blog, by Stichting Skepsis, for news and in-depth investigations of current issues.
  •, by SKEPP, contains numerous articles on all its investigations, some of which were previously published in its magazine Wonder en is gheen Wonder.
  • Skeptic Ireland, by Dublin Skeptics in the Pub members.
  • VoF Blogg, a Swedish blog by Vetenskap och Folkbildning.
  • X-Aknák, by Gábor Hraskó, about investigating and challenging pseudoscience.