Massimo Polidoro

Massimo PolidoroMassimo Polidoro is a writer and an internationally recognized “investigator of mysteries” and began his career as James Randi’s apprentice. Massimo is a co-founder of the Italian skeptics group CICAP. He is a TV personality in Italy, a Research fellow for CSI, and a columnist for its magazine, “The Skeptical Inquirer”, since 2002. Massimo has taught “Scientific Method and Anomalistic Psychology” at the University of Milan. He now teaches “Science communication” to Padua’s University PhD students and “Science storytelling” to The Polytechnic University of Milan. The number of his ever-growing social media followers has reached nearly 500.000 subscribers on various platforms. Massimo is the author of almost 60 books. In his latest, “Brilliant”, he shares 13 lessons in critical thinking and the art of living that he learned from Randi.

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