Amardeo Sarma

Amardeo SarmaAmardeo Sarma is an electrical engineer and founder of the German Skeptics’ Association (GWUP e.V.). He is a former chairman and current board member of ECSO. Amardeo is also a Fellow and Executive Member of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and received the CSI (then CSICOP) Distinguished Skeptic Award in 1998. He has written and lectured on the Shroud of Turin, dowsing, climate change and the skeptical movement. He is also Honorary President of the Trust in Digital Life Association.


Human population growth – Eight Billion today; where is the limit?

The talk will address whether population growth is a catastrophic problem that we need to worry about. It will look at the current trends in population growth and its effects on us all. It will also consider how the global population relates to affluence, technological innovation, the environment, and eventually, sustainability. It will then address whether we are doomed if we do not take drastic measures to cut population growth. Finally, it will consider where we are going, and which measures make sense.

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