David Goodman

David GoodmanDavid Goodman is a consultant working in digital transformation, specifically the areas of identity management and security, data protection and privacy regulation as well as emerging technologies. He has worked in senior management positions across a wide range of companies in Europe and North America from start-ups (Soft-Switch, Metamerge) to global brands (Lotus Development, IBM, Nokia Siemens Networks and Ericsson) as well as University College London. David is currently a principal consulting analyst with TechVision Research, chief evangelist with iGrant.io, a senior consultant with Trust in Digital Life association and, until recently, executive director of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX). He is work package leader for dissemination and communication in the CyberSec4Europe and CSI-COP H2020 projects, and task leader for Open Banking roadmapping and demonstrators in CyberSec4Europe.He has a BA from the University of Manchester and a D.Phil. from the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford.


Data protection and AI in the context of fake news

There is no question that society has benefitted enormously from the advancements in technology and digital communications; and the availability of affordable smart devices more powerful than anything we could have imagined a generation ago as well as commercial and social transactions that have, to say the least, transformed all our lives.

But these advancements have come at a price that is not insignificant to individuals and society at large. For example, it is no longer evident to what extent the news we receive from even our regular trustworthy feeds is true and how much it has been manipulated behind the scenes, either deliberately or inadvertently.

Now, with the explosive entry of AI and LLMs into our everyday lives through ChatGPT and the like, we are even less likely to be certain of where a piece of writing or a document has come from.

How do we correct the creeping imbalance between social good and technological progress? Let’s discuss!

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