Francesco Grassi

Francesco GrassiFrancesco Grassi (Italy, 1966), M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering
(University of Pavia) works for a software company. He is a science writer, and since 1997, he has collaborated as an effective member of CICAP (the Italian Committee for the
Investigation of Claims of Pseudoscience, founded in 1989 by the famous journalist Piero Angela). In 2004, he went to Wiltshire (UK) where he created some crop circles
with English master circle makers, learning the basic techniques of circle making art.
In 2012, he published a book entitled “CROP CIRCLES Signs of Intelligence”, in which he reconstructed the true story of the crop circle phenomenon. He was revealed to be the author of the famous Italian “Enki Ea” crop circle in June 2011 in the Piedmont region, in a field close to Poirino town (near Turin). The 2011 “Enki Ea” crop circle was a very successful global social experiment, it is shown on Francesco Grassi’s book cover. After 2011, he made other influential crop circles in Italy annually and Land Artworks on the grass. He couldn’t make crop circles in 2020, 2021 and 2022 due to the pandemic and other reasons. In 2023, he created the “THINK DEEP” crop circles with the CICAP team.


From UFOs to crop circles. How humans became aliens

Crop circles are certainly an incredible phenomenon. Anyone who follows them superficially or doesn’t know their details cannot understand the countless facets and logical paradoxes that they continue to offer since the days of the first formations, documented around 1980. UFOs, aliens, mysterious intelligences? What’s the real mystery behind? Is it really possible for human beings to create such incredible artworks in the fields?

In a twisted circular game several elements continue to overlap each other since the beginning and to become entwined, making the mystery even more inextricable: messages from the outer space, art, hoaxes, believers, circle makers, non-human intelligences, why, how?

Francesco Grassi (CICAP – Italy) will lead you through an incredible circular voyage showing how UFOs originated the crop circles phenomenon and revealing with several videos all the “alien” techniques to make these shapes that created this modern myth.

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