Geerdt Magiels

Geerdt Magiels
Geerdt Magiels is a biologist and philosopher, with a special focus on ecology and the philosophy of science. As a writer and speaker, in books, essays, articles, radio stories, exhibitions and lectures, he seeks the right words and images to make science and art, brains and ecosystems, nature and culture, well-being and (mental) health (care) more comprehensible. He has been an active (board) member of Skepp since the very beginning of the Belgian skeptical organisation.


Biology and ideology: where science meets opinion

Science is – if all goes well – a systematic, fact finding and self-critical method of figuring out how nature really works. This stands in stark contrast to opinions about the world that are based on personal values and/or political orientations. That’s were these perspectives can clash, at the borderline of the inherent uncertainty of science and the self-confirming certainty of ideology.
For curious scientists anything should be researchable, for ideological believers some things are just unthinkable. How deep is the rift between science and ideology, in times of culture wars and polarisation? And are there means to bridge the gap and come to more understanding?

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