Karolina Lisslö Gylfe

Karolina Lisslö GylfeKarolina is an award-winning social entrepreneur. She co-founded two businesses, Greenovate, which sells organic products from local birch sap, and Bee Urban, which offers services for pollinating insects and birds. With Mattecentrum, she helped grow a free service for help with homework in mathematics into the Best Education Website in Sweden. Lisslö Gylfe is trained as a biologist, having obtained a degree from Stockholm University. She now serves as the Secretary General of WePlanet.


Navigating the Energy Landscape: Securing Tomorrow, Without Fossil Fuels

In pursuing a sustainable future, the presentation shows how to transform away from fossil fuels. It explores innovative strategies and technologies driving the transition towards cleaner, more resilient energy sources. It also tackles the challenges and opportunities that arise and examines the evolving role of clean energy to adopt these sustainable practices and ensure a brighter future for us and the planet.
The aim is to envision a tomorrow secured by solutions shaping an energy landscape that not only sustains but thrives, leaving behind the era of fossil fuel dependency.

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