Tim Trachet

Tim TrachetTim Trachet studied mathematics, astronomy and philosphy and worked as journalist for the Belgian public television. Already half a century ago, his passion for astronomy led him to critically study a pseudoscience such as astrology. He is author of several books and has published a lot of articles about different kinds of pseudoscience, especially in relation with astronomy, physics and history.

Tim Trachet was the first chairman (1990-1998) of the Belgian skeptical association, SKEPP, and in 1996 he was one of the founders of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations (ECSO). He is currently vice-president of the organisation. He has participated in all twenty European congresses.


History of European Skeptics Congresses

The actual meeting is officially the twentieth European Skeptics Congress. The first congress of this long series happened in 1989. Although the basic formula remained essentially the same for all the meetings, there were significant changes in the way of organizing them, and more importantly, the program of the congress also evolved. New topics came to attention due to a conscious choice by the organizers, but also due to changes in the interest of the skeptical associations themselves. This talk is a light-hearted overview of 34 years of European togetherness and co-operation.

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