The Association for Skeptical Enquiry

The Association for Skeptical Enquiry (ASKE) was founded in the UK in 1997 and is affiliated to ECSO. It is a society for people from all walks of life who oppose the promotion of irrational ideas and practices and the misrepresentation of science for purposes that deceive the public. The association is mainly funded by membership subscriptions and donations from people who support its aims and principles. The organisers of ASKE pursue these by the following activities:

  • Maintaining the website, through which members of the public and people in relevant professions may access appropriate information. This includes advice for those who may be considering availing themselves of Psychic services and practices undertaken by people such as astrologers, unorthodox medical practitioners, and other individuals and organisations making extraordinary and unsubstantiated claims about the validity and efficacy of their services.
  • Preparing an online quarterly magazine-cum-newsletter (see Publications), the Skeptical Intelligencer. This is freely available for public inspection and contains articles, reviews and announcements of interest.
  • Regularly informing members of relevant news, announcements, upcoming events, and so on.
  • Responding to enquiries from members of the public, professional people, and the media about matters of relevance to the above aims.
  • Maintaining an email discussion network which members may join in order to exchange ideas and information.
  • Organising public meetings. This is not currently a common activity, but in 2003 ASKE organised the 11th European Skeptics Congress and in September 2015 jointly organised the 16th such event.
  • Testing people who claim to possess paranormal abilities.
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Founded: 1997
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Author: Michael Heap
Updated: 25 Aug 2016