(The Secular-Humanist Association of Romania)

The Secular-Humanist Association of Romania (ASUR, the Romanian acronym) is a non-profit, independent and non-governmental association founded in March 2010, with the headquarter in Bucharest, Romania.
From its foundation, the association has aimed to popularise scientific education and critical thinking by encouraging and facilitating the dialogue between scientists and the general public, particularly the young public. Through campaigns, conferences, debates, interschool competitions and various non-formal activities, the organisation aspires to contribute to the education of a future generation that is greedy for knowledge and skeptical against unsubstantiated allegations. This aim is also expressed by the association’s motto which translates as “Dare to think”.

The organisation’s most notorious project, run annually at national level, is the Science Calendar which popularises the researchers and the scientific discoveries that have improved our lives. Designed as a poster, for each day of the year the calendar mentions an important scientific milestone achieved or a personality born on that day. The project has been developed every year since the foundation of the organisation, being funded through a crowdfunding campaign. Over 100,000 copies have been distributed free of charge to schools in the past years, and thousands more calendars have reached people interested in knowledge.

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Founded: 2010
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Author: Pontus Böckman
Updated: 10 Jun 2024