Observatoire Zététique
(Zetetic Observatory)

Founded in 2003, the Observatoire Zététique is an association in France that aims to ‘promote and spread the methods and techniques of zététique (a common term in France, equivalent to scientific skepticism).

The OZ explores mechanisms of disinformation on the Internet. It publishes its researches and dossiers online, and produces a monthly newsletter, the POZ (Publication de l’Observatoire Zététique). The Observatoire Zététique affirms it maintains a respectful approach to the freedom to believe tenets of the paranormal, to avoid dogmatism and to only comment on the validity of the evidence and reasonings.

Countries of operation:
Founded: 2003
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ECSO membership: Since 20??

Author: Leon Korteweg
Updated: 30 Aug 2016