Founded in 1990, SKEPP is a Dutch-speaking Belgian (Flemish) skeptical organisation. The full name is a backronym for Studiekring voor de Kritische Evaluatie van Pseudowetenschap en het Paranormale (“Study Circle for the Critical Evaluation of Pseudoscience and the Paranormal”). It evolved from the Society for Astronomy, that increasingly dealt with claims about UFOs, alien abduction and astrology, and started encouraging skepticism in Flanders as its counterpart, the Comité Para, had been doing for Francophone Belgium since 1949. SKEPP has harmonised its goals with its Dutch equivalent Stichting Skepsis, and the two co-edited Skepter until 2000 when SKEPP launched its own magazine, Wonder en is gheen Wonder (‘Mystery is no Mystery’).
An annual ironic award, the Skeptische Put (Skeptic Pit) is given to whoever ‘has displayed exceptionally uncritical thinking and who has totally misunderstood the popularization of science and knowledge’, and an annual praise award , the Zesde Vijs (Sixth Screw) to ‘someone who has distinguished themselves in the past year in spreading objective knowledge regarding pseudoscience and the paranormal’.

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Founded: 1990
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Author: Pieter Van Nuffel
Updated: 26 Sep 2016