Skepsis ry
(Finnish Association of Skeptics)

Skepsis ry is a Finnish scientific skepticism organization founded in 1987.

Its mission is to promote critical thinking and public understanding of science as well as challenging pseudoscience and all kinds of “woo woo” claims and scams wherever they may surface. Skepsis ry organizes public lectures and publishes articles and books related to skepticism, including a quarterly magazine Skeptikko. Skepsis ry works in collaboration with other scientific skepticism organizations and is a member of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations (ECSO). Skepsis ry is known for its annual Huuhaa (“humbug”) Prize which is awarded to a person or an organization that has diligently promoted pseudo- or fringe science, and for its Socrates Prize which is awarded for work promoting Socratic, rational thinking. Skepsis ry also offers a prize of €20,000 to anybody in Finland who can produce paranormal phenomena under satisfactory observing conditions. The same sum is also offered as an ET scholarship to anyone who can prove that she/he/it is an extraterrestrial by providing a DNA (or equivalent) sample for investigation.

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Founded: 1987
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Author: Ville Aarnikko
Updated: 23 Sep 2016