Общество скептиков
(Skeptic Society Russia)

The Skeptic Society (Russian: Общество скептиков, Óbščestvo skeptikov) is a Russian-speaking skeptical society. Its aim is to spread critical thinking, popularise science, educate the general public, promote and teach critical and skeptical thinking skills and create a platform for science and skepticism communication.

History of Skeptic Society in Russia has begun at 2012, when Kirill Alferov created site “Esoteric and skepticism”. He analysed popular russian new-age personalities and wrote about it. On 31 March 2013 Kirill organised the first meeting of the society in Moscow. Some months later podcast “Skeptic” was created.  

Now Общество скептиков organizes several activities:

  • Regular meetings in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ufa. It’s popular science lectures, discussions of controversial issues, debates with religious opponents, and games sometimes.
  • Two skeptical podcasts about science and critical thinking: “Галоп Галилея” is make by team from Moscow, “Чайник Рассела” is make by team from Saint Petersburg.
  • Annual skeptical conference in Moscow.
  • Writing and translating articles about skepticism, critical thinking, science and pseudoscience, paranormal, etc.
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Founded: 2012
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Author: Ekaterina Zvereva
Updated: 6 Feb 2017