Stichting Skepsis
(Skepsis Foundation)

Founded in 1987, Stichting Skepsis is a Dutch organisation dedicated to the promotion and practice of scientific skepticism. Skepsis’ goal is the assessment of pseudoscientific, paranormal or otherwise extraordinary claims, and warning and protecting the public against potentially harmful ideas and practices.

Its main activities include the publication of its quarterly magazine Skepter (2300 subscribers) in print and online and hosting the annual Skepsis Congress (average attendance 300). There is also a Skepsis Blog for news and in-depth investigations of current issues, and a blog called Klopt Dat Wel? (‘Is That Right?’) for quick and short responses to new claims, stories and videos that go viral. Skepsis and Klopt Dat Wel? co-host the monthly Amsterdam Skeptics in the Pub meeting.

Some English Skepter articles can be read here.

Countries of operation:
Founded: 1987
Home page: link
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ECSO membership: Founding member

Author: Leon Korteweg
Updated: 30 Aug 2016