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Swedish Humanists criticizes the visit of Pope Francis

The Swedish Humanist society protested the current visit of Pope Francis in Sweden. Hours before a sermon held by Pope Francis at the Cathedral of Lund, Sweden on October 31, activists posted a poster containing ten theses on the Cathedral door, mimicking Martin Luther’s protest 500 years ago. The poster was swiftly removed by church officials, but contained a call for reforming the Catholic church regarding:

  1. Equality for Women
  2. Equality for LBTQ persons
  3. Freedom of religion for children
  4. Full right for women to decide about their own bodies
  5. A stop for the opposition to contraceptives
  6. Every human’s right to euthanasia
  7. All child abuse to be reported to the authorities
  8. A stop for blocking certain scientific research, especially stem cell research
  9. A stop for the doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope
  10. Each person’s right to define their own moral code.