Gwyneth Paltrow’ GOOP brand wins pseudoscience award

The ‘wellness’ brand GOOP owned by Gwyneth Paltrow has been awarded the first ever ‘Rusty Razor’ award by UK’s Skeptic Magazine for being the ‘best’ promoter of the worst pseudoscientific nonsense. The award came as part of the magazine’s annual ‘Ockham Awards’. Goop was invited to collect its award, which was being handed out at the recent QED Conference in Manchester, but sadly no one from the company responded. Skeptic Magazine Editor Deborah Hyde said: ‘We were surprised at quite how many public vote nominations GOOP received for the “Rusty Razor” award for pseudoscience – it’s certainly a popular win. When there are so many issues affecting public health today – the rise of measles and whooping cough due to reduced rates of vaccination, for instance – it’s a shame that many people prefer to contemplate their yonis than engage with evidence-based reality’.


Why do we believe in silly things? The social problems of pseudo-science.


This science communication session will be held during the morning of the 18th November at the University of Alicante and addresses the two issues in the title as well as closing with the session:

Fecalmagnetism: the art of selling shit. A case study where two friends invented a pseudoscience just to see how far they could get with barefaced lies? The answer is highly disturbing.