Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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15th European Skeptics Conference, 23-25 August 2013, Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish Skeptics Association (Föreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning) invites skeptics worldwide, and particularly in Europe, to the 15th European Skeptics Conference, 23-25 August 2013, in Stockholm, Sweden. (No, not 2012, when it would interfere with the Mayan apocalypse.) The conference is one in the series supported by the European Council of Skeptical Organisations.

Venue: Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm
Conference language: English.

Skeleton schedule
Thu 22 Aug. Arrival and pre-conference events.
Fri 23 Aug. Registration, talks, workshops.
Sat 24 Aug. Talks, workshops, conference party.
Sun 25 Aug. Talks, workshops, farewell, post-conference pub meet.

More Information

French Court Censors Critical Documentary About Psychoanalysis and Autism

The French documentary film The Wall (Le mur), which takes issue with psychoanalytic views on autism, has caused some uproar over the past few months, even drawing attention from The New York Times. France is one of the last remaining bulwarks of psychoanalysis, the theory and therapy devised by Sigmund Freud and further developed by his countless acolytes.

Read more: French Court Censors Critical Documentary About Psychoanalysis and Autism

6th World Skeptics Congress Berlin, May 18-20

Together with CSI and the German Skeptics (GWUP), ECSO is organizing the 6th World Skeptics Congress, which takes place from May 18-20th, 2012, in Berlin, Germany. The main topics of the congress are creationism, alternative medicine, risk assessment, psychology as well as (pseudo-)science in society. We are proud to welcome many internationally renowned speakers, including James "The Amazing" Randi.

The full programme and other information can be found at www.worldskeptics.org. Please register soon! We look forward to meeting you in Berlin.

Council of Europe issues unscientific report on wireless health hazard

The Council of Europe has published a report on wireless communication as a health hazard. The report is an example of bad science and how irresponsible recommendations are being issued from official sources in Europe.

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